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My name is Tatiana Krylova. I am the designer and creator of all products available on this web store.

In 2013 when my beautiful daughter Victoria was born, I realized that dressing a child was not easy. As any mother in the world I wanted my child to only have the best. Finding something unique and beautiful in regular stores was impossible. At that time I became inspired to create something myself, something that no one else would have, something that would make my daughter unique and stand out among other children.

After countless hours, days, weeks, and months, through trial and error I realized that this was it! I can’t stop making such great product.

Every time I dress Victoria in something I made, I was experiencing something unexplainable. People at malls, parks, airports, and just on the street would stop me, and almost everyone would ask me the same questions, “her coat is so cute, where did you buy it?” “Can I buy it from you?” “Can you make one for my daughter?”

Such unexpected reaction by public made me realize, that I want to share my joy of being able to give my child something unique, something that no one else has so I decided to create “MICKLAT”.

Purchasing something from MICKLAT will enable you dress your child in a one of a kind product, no one else in the entire world has what you will buy from us.

You are not just buying another coat, jacket, or vest for you daughter;

  • You are buying 100’s of hours of mistakes and experiments.
  • You are buying days, weeks, months of hard works, creative thinking transformed into moment of pure happiness
  • You are buying luxury, and quality.
  • You are buying joy!

Some of my products may look alike, but I can assure you that none of them are identical! I make everything by hand, and just like hand painting, you cant ever make an exact copy.

Some of you may think that cost of my products is high!

Having handmade products is luxury and not everyone should have them or needs them. Joy and happiness cant be measured by money, and you can always attempts to make what you see here yourself.

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My statement

As any creator of handmade products, I dedicate myself 100% to ensuring that my creations not only meet but also exceed my expectations, and expectations of my customers.


Great seller!Items the best!Thank you!

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